Repair Service Center

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How it works

Take a look at the steps below for the complete repair process.

It is simple, fast and easy!

Step 1: repair request

Request a repair ticket by clicking the button below and fill out our online form.

Request Repair Ticket

Step 2: Send in/drop off

Please send to:

LinkedAll Repair Service Center

10415-A Westpark Dr.

Houston, TX 77042

*Local: Drop off from 10am - 3pm*

Step 3: Diagnostic

Once we receive your drone, we will perform a diagnostic test to identify the issues and determine what repairs are needed to get your drone back in the air.

Step 4: Estimate

We will send you an estimate of costs for repairs and wait for your approval.

Step 5: Repair & Inspect

Once the repair is approved, we will start to fix your drone and give it a test flight to be sure we have done our work correctly after the repair.

Step 6: Payment

After your drone is fully repaired and flight tested, we will email you a final invoice with a payment link.

Step 7: Pick Up

Once payment is compete, you'll be notified that your drone is ready.

You could either pick it up in our shop or have it shipped to you.

*Local pickup: 10am - 3pm*