Drone Cameras

Drone cameras for every application and need. Thermal, LIDAR, optical, zoom, RGB. Explore our full line of drone cameras today.


What Can Our Drone Cameras Do?

Clarity at Range

Maintain a safe distance between drones and structures while enjoying powerful imaging capabilities and smart zoom features.

Stability You Can Rely On

Image stabilization technology provides crystal-clear, sharp photography.

Actionable Insights

A camera for every type of information you might need.


Industries that use Drone Cameras - Construction - LinkedAll Aerial Solutions


Get accurate survey data, create detailed maps, and get all the tools you need to plan your next development. Fast, cost-effective, and actionable information for your next project.

Public Safety

Providing rapid response capability and accurate information to fire fighters, police officers, and SAR teams, even in the most dangerous circumstances.
Industries that use Drone Cameras - Public Safety - LinkedAll Aerial Solutions
Industries that use Drone Cameras - Energy - LinkedAll Aerial Solutions


Receive critical visual and thermal data. Monitor power stations. Assess risks and address them quickly—without shutting down operations.

Oil & Gas

Reduce risk and minimize downtime while gaining detailed safety and maintenance information.
Industries that use Drone Cameras - OIl & Gas - Refineries - LinkedAll Aerial Solutions


The most efficient way to monitor the condition of crop health. Identify issues before ever setting foot into a field.

Drone Cameras – Frequently Asked Questions

How many cameras can I attach to one drone?

It depends on the drone and the capabilities of that particular model. Some drones, like  the DJI Matrice 300 RTK, can carry up to 3 payloads. Some can only have one. Pay attention to the camera weight vs. what the drone can carry. The benefits of carrying more than one camera is that you can combine different features. For example, you can load one visual camera and one thermal camera to get two different types of useful photographs.

What kinds of cameras are available to attach to my drone?

LinkedAll carries many cameras for your UAVs, each offering different capabilities. Options include:

  • Thermal cameras – picture heat energies instead of visible light.
  • LIDAR cameras – measure vegetation height like mountains, or forest.
  • Optical Gas Imaging – detect VOC gas leaks from a safe distance to keep personnel safe. Stay in compliance with EPA regulations. 
  • Zoom cameras – take high-quality zoom images. 
  • RGB cameras – Visual cameras.

Every camera allows you to complete different tasks.

Does adding a camera impact the battery life flight time of my drone?

Yes. Adding a camera does affect the battery life  flight time of your drone. In order to keep your drone in the air for longer, we recommend having extra batteries on standby to replace the ones that get drained. Keeping extra batteries on standby will ensure you are able to complete the mission. 

What licenses do I need to fly a drone?

Drone licenses vary with what you are using your device for. If you are using your UAV for a paid service then the FAA requires you to have a Part 107 license. This allows you to offer drone services to people legally. If you are flying your drone for recreational purposes then you would need to complete a free test called TRUST (The Recreational UAS Safety Test).

We go the extra mile. We’ll help you set up your drones and make sure you know how to use your new device! Contact us today to get real help with putting drone technology to work for you. 

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