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October 28, 2021by FairMarketing

A Real Time Kinetic Drone, or RTK drone, is a professional survey tool.

It logs the precise position of each image as it photographs any location and corrects those images as they are captured. Using a mobile ground station will give the most accurate positions within a centimeter.

Who uses RTK drones?

Surveyors, cartographers, and developers all use RTK drones to get accurate measurements on the locations of key geographical features. RTK drones come with a number of planning modules depending on the model you choose. These can include Terrain awareness, Block Segmentation, and more. 

Why do you need a base station for your RTK drone?

The base station works in conjunction with the RTK drone allowing accurate position corrections, in real time, as it flies. It is a central point of connection for the drone to communicate with. 

What are the advantages of using RTK vs. the drone’s GPS system?

RTK modules allow for centimeter-positioning. That’s near-absolute accuracy on image metadata. A drone’s on-board GPS system only has 3-feet accuracy. That’s a huge difference! If you need precision, an RTK drone and a base station is the best tool for the task. 

Do you need WiFi to work with RTK features?

You don’t need WiFi to fly your drone but you might need WiFi to access certain features like loading a base map or syncing airspace unlock certificates. The drone records both RTK and GPS geotags during its flight. Both are taken as each image is recorded. Once you’ve brought the drone home you can download all the photos and process them as necessary. You can use WiFi with your drone. This will allow you to instantly upload images to the cloud and gives you access to several other features.

Do you need RTK drones?

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