Introducing DJI’s newest technology, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. Keeping workers in mind, DJI designed this device to improve day to day work tasks and allow higher efficiencies. Compact yet powerful, you’re able to capture accurate details in any mission with high resolution thermal and visual cameras. This device supports up to 32x digital zoom and is capable of centimeter- level positioning with the RTK Module. This feature ensures accurate positioning.


A thermal camera allows for the discoveries of hotspots. The thermal camera features a 30Hz frame rate and allows ±2°C temperature measurement accuracy. Pilots can switch between visual, thermal, or split-view feeds for different project needs. Advanced dual sensors feature a 640×512 px thermal resolution camera and a 48MP visual camera with a 1/2” CMOS sensor, professionals will be able to make informed decisions by quickly identifying objects on site. Capture images at a safe distance, no detail will be missed.


This highly versatile tool is filled with many features that could help multiple work fields. Take off happens in less than a minute to ensure quick reaction times through complex environments. M2EA is great for multiple applications. Firefighters would have the advantage to quickly locate people in danger, fires and create targeted rescue plans, all while staying in a safe area. Search and rescue teams use the thermal camera to locate individuals from above in order to send their teams. Law enforcement gain important intel during emergencies using this device without having to put their team in danger. Discrete mode helps for pursuits and not giving away their position to fugitives. Also, power line inspections can be completed without physically climbing any structures. High resolution zoom makes it more efficient to get jobs done with ease and at faster times.


The M2EA has many built in features that can assist pilots to make their lives a lot easier and safer. Accessories can advance these features to the next level. Some available are the RTK Module, Spotlight, Speaker, Beacon, DJI Smart Controller and the Mavic 2 Enterprise Fly more kit.

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