Police agencies have started adopting the use of UAVs in their fleet of tools. Fulshear Police Department is one of many that have successfully started a drone program of their own. Located outside of Houston, Texas, Fulshear Police testifies the great importance of having drones to advance their daily work life. 


Fulshear Police started like many, unsure of the process. What drone do we buy? What do we use it for? Who do we talk to? These are questions that many ask themselves when starting a drone program. FPD started their program by getting in contact with another local agency that already had drones integrated with their police department.  This was a huge help because they had a guide throughout the whole process. When they were handed off to LinkedAll Aerial Solutions they were aware of even more information and tools to help them along the process. Sergeant Henry said “You want to make sure that you do your research. You have to have community buy-in, that’s big. We have been doing boy scout demonstrations and we have a lot of community involvement. You want to get the community on board.” 



The City of Fulshear can use its drones for more than public safety.  Over the years they have grown their program from just one drone, the Inspire 1, to 5 drones and counting. One of which is our newest drone just released, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. Captain Mike McCoy said, “Well the benefits are obvious; we have a lot of uses for a drone. Lost children, accident scenes, in case there’s a robbery or burglary, we can actually use the drone footage to determine wheatear or not there’s a safe entry point in the front or the back of the house…”   

It has been explained that using drones have been of great importance when dealing with pressing matters. Thermal capabilities allow for search and rescue missions to be more successful than ever. Especially in one situation at the City of Fulshear where an 80-year-old gentleman was lost but found with drone technology. Thermal detection on the drone was able to locate and save this person in a timely manner to be able to bring him back to his family. “The more and more that things advance, that equipment advances, we’re able to save time,” said Nickey Braly. 

“This is my 39th year in law enforcement, to not have a drone now, I just don’t know how we’d do it,” said McCoy. Being a smaller agency, they aren’t always able to ask for a helicopter to fly down to help with certain situations. Helicopters are of great use but they’re not always as fast or financially efficient as a drone.  Drones can dispatch at a moment’s notice while helicopters take 30 minutes or more sometimes. They can fly the UAV to certain locations, assess the situation, and return with instant reports to help handle the task at hand. 

Drones in law enforcement help many when it comes to safety and protection. Technology is only getting better with time and the possibilities are endless for what drones can do for us.  

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